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Our mission, as a 4th generation family owned and operated company, is to bring authentic masks to everyone!  We are a trusted U.S. military manufacturer that cares so much about our customers.  Read our story about how we became involved, as featured in MAXIM!

KN95 Face Masks - Respirators

KN95 Face Masks For Sale | Buy Online - In Stock | 95%+ Filtration Efficiency

 We Are Now Shipping the Powecom KN95 Made to the 

New GB2626-2019 Standard 

with Better Breathability



 Buy KN95 face masks online from Bona Fide Masks® and have them shipped quickly from our warehouse in Mount Vernon, NY in no time at all. We are the largest authorized Powecom's distributor in the United States and Canada for the Powecom KN95, which has been tested by the NPPTL and CDC repeatedly for its filtration efficiency of equal to or greater than 95%. Like the N95, the KN95 face mask is rated to provide 95% or greater filtration of particles larger than 0.3 µm (microns) in diameter such as bacteria, viruses, pollution particles, fine particles, smog, dust, pollen, etc. Made of multiple filtration layers of polypropylene and electrostatic cotton, they come in both ear loop and headband models. The 3D foldable design makes them comfortable and provides excellent ergonomic fitting and sealing.

Bona Fide Masks™ is the LARGEST AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR for Powecom in the United States & Canada! Click here to learn more.


Powecom was an FDA authorized mask under the EUA when the EUA was active.

We are honored to have our leadership efforts during the pandemic recognized by the Westchester County Association. Read our story about how we became involved, as featured in MAXIM! For our Executive Team's Authenticity Statement Click Here.

KN95 Trust Center
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Frequently Asked KN95 Questions

➕ Do you have KN95s for sale that can be picked up at your factory?

We do! Having been in business since 1938 we allow customers to pick up their KN95 orders at our factory/warehouse right outside of New York City. The address is 741 S. Fulton Ave, Mount Vernon, NY 10550. We do ask that you call first so we can be ready with whatever you require. The phone number is 914-664-7500.

➕ Where can I buy a KN95 mask online?

You can buy FDA Authorized Powecom KN95 masks online at We make every effort to ship the masks same day. We also offer in person pickup at our factory located at 741 S Fulton Ave, Mount Vernon, NY 10550.

➕ What is a KN95 face mask?

A KN95 face mask is a type of filtering face piece respirator similar to the N95 respirator. It is manufactured in China and adheres to the GB2626-2006 standard. Our Powecom KN95 face mask is considered one of the best KN95 respirators and has been on the FDA EUA Appendix A Appendix A: Authorized Imported, Non-NIOSH Approved Respirators Manufactured in China since its inception. The FDA Authorized KN95 has been tested to have a particulate filtration efficiency of equal to or greater than 95%.

➕ Where to buy a KN95?

You can purchase FDA authorized KN95 face masks at All of our masks are stored at our warehouse in Mount Vernon, NY and ship directly from stock. The majority of our orders if placed before 4:00PM Mon-Fri will be fulfilled and shipped same day.

➕ What is the difference between a N95 & KN95 face mask?

There are not many differences between an N95 and a KN95 face mask. They both have similar filtration rate standards of 95% or greater and are considered filtering face piece respirators. There are some differences. First, N95s are governed by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) and OSHA(Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Another difference is that N95s are required to have headbands while KN95s have both headband and earloop models.

➕ Are KN95 face masks washable?

The manufacturer specifically advises against washing the face mask with water. Water will destroy the filtering ability and the protection of the mask. Also, do not steam the face mask, and do not put it in the microwave oven. Please keep the face mask away from vapors, oils, chemicals, paints, liquid acid, alkaline objects.

➕ When should I throw away my KN95 face mask?

Please discard the face mask when it becomes visibly dirty or breathing resistance increases remarkably.

➕ Do KN95s expire?

Yes, they do. The Powecom KN95 has a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacture.

➕ Are KN95 respirators FDA Approved?

No, KN95 face masks are NOT FDA approved medical devices. However, they are FDA authorized under a FDA Emergency Authorization, which was issued on June 6th due to the shortage of PPE and face masks in the United States. There are a lot of companies in the marketplace that have been using FDA approved instead of FDA authorized. This is actually against the law. In fact, FDA EUA that covers the KN95 states that KN95s, when marketed, must let people know that it is NOT FDA Approved. What is even more important to note is that standard N95's are not FDA approved either. Only a small subclass of N95s, known as Surgical N95s, are FDA Approved for use as medical devices.

➕ Do you have KN95 bulk pricing?

Yes we do, as the premier U.S and Canadian distributor of Powecom KN95s we are able to offer the best bulk and wholesale pricing to our customers. Whether you are purchasing one pack of 10 masks or 1,000,000 masks you will receive some of the best pricing available. All of our prices are all inclusive so no customes, tarrifs, etc in the United States. What you see is what you pay.

➕ What is the filtration efficiency of the Powecom KN95 Face Mask?

It has tested at or above 95% filtration efficiency by the FDA, NPPTL, CDC and NIOSH. In fact it has tested far above 95% and those results can be found here. That is why the Powecom KN95 is considered the gold standard of KN95 respirator protection.