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Volume Prices for Gov., Edu., Healthcare, etc.

We are pleased to offer our Chengde Technology KN95 with discounted pricing for larger orders as well as schools, healthcare facilities, companies, organizations, charities, and other similar entities   Purchase orders with Net 30 day terms are also accepted from governmental, military, school and other organizations pending credit approval.

We also stand ready to help other countries, as needed.

We stock millions of our masks at our Mt. Vernon, NY factory and warehouse.

All of our other masks including Powecom, Harley and others are also available.

Please email our sales team at and for questions and inquiries.


Please note that all purchases from or through purchase orders are subject to the Product Purchase Terms and Conditions.   Please click here to review those terms.

please also feel free to email or call Bill Taubner, on his cell at 914 720 3164.

The Chengde KN95 was an FDA authorized mask for use by Health Care Professionals in Health Care Settings under the EUA when the EUA was active.    

You will not find a stronger, more transparent and trustworthy supply chain in the industry.  

You can trust us!

Thank you!