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PPE Shortages Persist

Posted by Liz B. on Dec 15, 2020

PPE Shortages Persist — and Trusted Vendors are as Important as Ever

As reported by 60 Minutes and Lesley Stahl last week, “We're nine months into the pandemic, and health care workers still find themselves scrambling for PPE, personal protective equipment. The shortages are more and more acute, as cases keep rising in practically every state, and we're gearing up to launch a nationwide program of vaccinations.”

The story characterizes the “global hunt for inventory” as a “free-for-all market that's attracted speculators, self-starters, and outright scammers.” In other words: buyers beware. From masks that don’t live up to their promises, to orders that go unfulfilled, purchasing PPE remains a frustrating gamble for many customers—and one that puts many people’s health and safety at risk.

Stahl spoke to one U.S.-based PPE distributor who noted that the biggest advantage for his customers “is that they can validate what they are buying…also they can just get it quicker.”

And that’s exactly the case when you buy from Bona Fide Masks. Our Powecom KN95 respirator mask has repeatedly met or exceeded filtration efficiency standards and appears on FDA's Appendix A of authorized respirators. All Powecom masks also include an anti-fake sticker so that you can verify the mask’s legitimacy when you receive it.


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Written by Liz B.

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