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Grateful For Affordable Powecom KN95 Face Masks

Posted by Scott A. on Oct 12, 2020

Quality KN95 face masks give us more than just protection, they offer peace of mind.

And Ching describes this perfectly in his letter to Bona Fide Masks™. His touching letter shows that having quality PPE during these challenging times, is one way to feel relieved and grateful.

It is also a testament to the fact that one act of kindness begets another act, and so on.

“I spoke with one of your representatives about how grateful I am that your company is providing PPE at such reasonable prices. Given how much price gouging there is in the market, I am touched by you and your firm’s integrity in helping both healthcare workers and ordinary people through this crisis. Not only did you have to start a new business line, but you also made sure the masks are "bonafide" and adhere to expert recommendations.

I personally forwarded your company’s link to a number of friends. One of them was to a man whose wife just finished her second course of treatment for melanoma. Another email was sent to a woman who was a successful attorney before she suffered a stroke this year.

I also sent your link to a man who has an elderly mother he worries about. Personally, I bought these masks for elderly family members who don’t know how to make purchases through the Internet. Irrespective of background, all of us know people with health issues for which a good mask may be a lifesaving device. A number of people have thanked me, but whom they really meant to thank was you and your employees.

Please know how grateful my friends and I are for the principle and integrity your company demonstrates while providing critical PPEs during this crisis. Please let your employees know how grateful we are as well. Your company’s work is very important, thank you.”

Best regards,


Thank you, Ching for your letter and for looking out for your family, friends and neighbors.

If you need an affordable and trusted option for face masks, please contact us.

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