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Bona Fide Masks Corp. Adds In-House Testing to Wide Complement of Services

Posted by BFM on Apr 28, 2022

Bona Fide Masks Corp. Adds In-House Testing to Wide Complement of Services Company Makes Significant Capital Investment in Automated Filter Tester MOUNT VERNON, N.Y., April 2022 Bona Fide Masks Corp. (, part of the Ball Chain Manufacturing Co., Inc. (Ball Chain) family of companies, has made a significant capital investment in an in-house respirator tester, designed specifically for testing filter media. After extensive research, Bona Fide Masks® is proud to work with medical device leader, Air Techniques International (ATI), by purchasing their innovative and highly efficient 100X Automated Filter Tester. This machine is designed for quality control validation of filter media, replaceable particulate filters and masks used in the medical and industry hygiene applications. The 100X meets leading industry standards such as NIOSH 42 CFR Part84, GB 2626, EN 1327-7:2019 and ASTM F3502-21. The 100X is designed for testing N95, KN95, FFP and P100 respirator masks. Bona Fide Masks has been consistent in its brand promise to establish buyer confidence through every aspect of its business model which includes direct relationships with highly regarded mask producers, supply chain integrity, and now in-house testing. ATI brings sixty years of proven experience in design and manufacturing of specialized testing equipment to the marketplace. ATI offers a comprehensive portfolio of products ranging from on-site certification to large systems used by major producers and test laboratories. ATI’s solutions encompass testing equipment for nuclear, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, biosafety, and military applications. Given their impressive expertise, ATI was an obvious choice for Bona Fide Masks in their quest to expand their business model with in-house testing capabilities. “Since Bona Fide Masks’ inception, our family has been committed to delivering the highest level of masks to the public at reasonable prices. As a fast-growing business, we are prioritizing these types of investments to further strengthen our commitment to our customers. We plan to test masks regularly as part of our pre-distribution inspection efforts. These efforts will not replace manufacturer or third-party testing, but will supplement those tests, adding an additional layer of quality control. As an 80-year-old family-owned company, we value quality assurance and believe this aspect of our formula has contributed to our success over the years. This investment sets Bona Fide Masks apart from our competitors in terms of allocating resources to bolster quality control. We look forward to the continued growth of our business and remain committed to providing our customers with trusted products.” – Bill Taubner, President, Bona Fide Masks. More about Ball Chain Manufacturing. Co., Inc.: Family-owned and -operated since 1938, Ball Chain is the only major U.S. manufacturer of metal ball chain and attachments. The company's ball chain is featured in window roller shades, light fixtures, plumbing devices, keychains and jewelry items. Headquartered in Mount Vernon, New York. with global distribution, Ball Chain designs and fabricates innovative products while providing exemplary customer service. After entering the interior design market with ShimmerScreen® decorative metal curtains, the company further diversified its offerings with the launch of LogoTags, a promotional products division. Ball Chain is proud of its commitment to the American workforce and the environment. The company has earned industry recognition for its responsible business practices, including "green business" certification from the Green Business Bureau (GBB) and certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Media Contact: 914.664.7500 Bill Taubner, President, Cristina Chianese, VP, Marketing Ball Chain Mfg. Co., Inc. / Bona Fide Masks Corp. Source: Bona Fide Masks Corporation